Testimonials From Past Owners


If you have previously purchased a Precious Pom from us, please leave us some feedback!

4 thoughts on “Testimonials From Past Owners

  1. I purchased my little girl from My Precious Poms and I’m absolutely in love with her. I cannot express how perfect and adorable she is! The transaction to get her went very smoothly. I placed a deposit and then I picked her up a couple weeks later. It was a pleasure working with My Precious Poms. Pandora is a true blessing. She gets along very well with my other dogs. I cannot thank My Precious Poms enough! I recommend them to all my friends and family. Thank you so much My Precious Poms!


  2. So happy you guys have a website now! I wish I could post pictures of my Mia on here she is a complete fluff ball 🐶. Last vet visit she was 4 pounds at 7 months, my tiny little teddy bear ❤️. We are talking about adding another precious pom to the family, we will keep checking back in for when you have females. Thank you so much for our baby!


  3. I’m so lucky I was able to get a puppy from your July litter, he is so fluffy and the sweetest little thing! Maybe he will need a friend in the future 😊


  4. Literally can’t get over how amazing your puppies are, I love my baby so much, you are so great to them and i appreciate how much you kept us updated on her pictures while we were waiting to bring her home! Thank you again!


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